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Plant Powered Enlightenment by Frank Lane is a new book and video series by this 33-year vegan author, radical and hard-hitting rationality for Evolutionary Awakening of the human spirit for the sanctity of all life. Frank explores the spiritual nature and transformation of predominately ingesting Plant-Power and becoming spiritually illuminated! 


Your Invitation to a Spiritual Renaissance of Compassion By Frank Lane

Here is the key to waking up to a life of freedom and awareness, affording health and abundance by the realization that our body is a Holy Temple. From Mother Teresa to the Dali Lama, millions pay tribute to a person’s sacredness of life by raising their prayerful hands to their heart to make a connection with each other’s spirit called Namaste.

Vegans go a holy step further by opening the Namaste Prayerful Hands into a V for Vegan, to express “The sacredness within me is grounded in vegan ethics of no harm.”

This hand gesture opens the heart to allow your mind and body to give and receive love and transfer your level of thoughts that determines your vitality of life. When we exchange this energy, we connect with a simple silent prayerful greeting: "I am paying respect to the soul in the other" then a ring of spiritual emotion is created. The act of Namaste creates a feeling of wellbeing and a loop of bliss to pass positive energy unto the one receiving and giving the gesture.  

It is this energy that is within all sentient beings that we ceremonially exchange to acknowledge the sacredness in each other. It is with this act of kindness that we aspire to rise to higher states of being leading to Enlightenment.

This exchange is like photosynthesis where plants capture Light from the Sun and exchange energy. The Namaste gesture is a similar exchange from one to another. When we eat plants, we become this Light and closer to our Source from which all life emanates. The more we fill our body with Light the more illuminated and enlightened our Souls become. We can all step into the Light by eating plant-based.  Plants are a higher evolved energy, reaching towards the Light, teaching us this sacred spirituality.

If we allow our body to be a Holy Temple to receive this Light stored in Plants, we will ascend to a Higher Love.  This has been my journey for 33-years as a vegan, living an exalted life of liberation and spiritual adventure. 

Fueled with this Light, it has been a wild ride of self-discovery by revealing that which moves our hearts, is the same energy that moves the stars in the Universe. Even more profoundly, some call this Light God, because it feds life on this planet. You are this Light from which life exists and evolves.

Every life is exchanging and converting energy, some to a higher form and others to a lower form based on the level of suffering in this exchange. For example, when we consume converted Light in plants in animal flesh our risk of diet-related diseases increases and our level of happiness decreases.

Every church and temple has a special design for the Light to enter. Some have stained glass, some are crystal cathedrals, all symbolic of receiving the Light. Your body is a Holy Temple, receiving different qualities of Light by what you consume, so you may become the realization of this Light.

If you open to this journey and allow your body to become a Holy Temple, you will experience a radical revolutionary Awakening of the human spirit. The secret of your soul is to discover the Sanctity of All Life by recognizing this Light in all sentient beings. 

This is what led Einstein from atheism to spirituality, Saint Francis from a killer to a lover of life, and Anne Frank, a child Holocaust survivor to having no disdain for her captors. By simply seeing All Life as Sacred.

This awakening leads to discovering the miracle of your life. Within your pain body is a Holy Templefor the realization of God Consciousness.  I am a living testament of transforming a life of disaster into living in heaven now by predominately ingesting Plant Power for Spiritual Enlightenment. Everyone can ascend one bite at a time. 

We are rational human beings, that is, we rationalize everything! In doing so we miss reality. Nothing brings reality more into focus than understanding the suffering of any sentient being. When we consider the suffering of all life, including human and non-human animals we start to awaken when we realize we are what we consume, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Humanity’s health has been decimated by diet-related diseases by eating dairy, eggs, fish, and animals because of the karmic debt of consuming a holocaust of suffering from the annual 3 billion tortured and slaughtered animals and fish we take into our bodies! 

So, when one starts to wake-up and confront that one’s body is sacred, the game changes and the awakening process begins. No longer can one blindly participate in the abject torture, pain, and suffering from ingesting animals and their excretions.  You cannot directly or indirectly harm another animal, without harming yourself.

The debt of an animal-based diet represents about 85% of all diet-related diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  This is more than a health care crisis; it is a crisis of lack of compassion for the millions of animals that are slaughtered in such a magnitude of cruelty and suffering evil exists. 

We are connected to our environment, that is the macro condition. We are what we consume. So, is it any wonder the Earth is convulsing in agony responding back with an ecological and moral collapse?  In the micro condition, put yourself on a factory farm to experience the suffering from this concentration camp. The terror permeates in every cell of the animal’s body as it shakes itself to death animals before its slaughter. Farm animals must see us like the devil! 

How we treat the least of sentient beings reflects our world view representing no less monumental than a woman’s right to vote, stopping the killing of children in economic wars, or the civil rights of minorities or equality of woman. There is an arc of compassion that connects all life. The respect we have for mother earth, the environment, the animals and people is directly connected to the sanctity of life. Going Plant Powered is an answer and remedy for living an exalted life of love and compassion.

This Vegan evolutionary advancement in humanity’s awakening from the barbaric unconsciousness of eating another animal is the savior of humanity's compassion.  

Vegans have awakened and are historically uniting in mass to stop the slaughter and holocaust of all sentient beings, to evolve loving kindness. 

There is a direct relationship with ingesting violence by what we read, watch, work or eat that becomes our experience of life. When we respect an animal’s right to live freely, then there can be Peace on Earth and in the hearts of humankind! A spiritual person has empathy when the most vulnerable suffer. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Notes Mahatma Gandhi.

Animal Liberation is Humanity’s Enlightenment because this awareness moves consciousness away from the need and addiction for war and killing as a way of life. 

Be forewarned against making our body a graveyard of abject torture and cruelty because you are what you consume and what you consume consumes you! Humans are evolved animals and eating animal flesh, makes one an animal cannibal! 

This karmic debt has been at the demise of humanity and reparation can be paid by going plant-based; the Compassionate Solution to Climate Change, Hunger, Disease, and mass Slaughter. 

Walking the higher road of love and compassion to Plant Powered Enlightenment is the perfect complement to an exalted spiritual life. 

Remember:  Move the body, stretch the mind, eating plants is divine, take a sacred breath, and be kind. Namaste VeganBe Love, Be Vegan, Be In Heaven Now

Watch Higher Love: Doing No Harm: - The antidote to Suffering is to have Plant Powered Enlightenment: 

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Author/Speaker Frank Lane has been plant-based for 33 years and vegetarian before that in respect for all life. A CEO executive that has dedicated his life to a Vegan world to stop the collapse of the ecologic system of the world. Animal Agriculture is the Leading Cause of Climate Change - A White Paper by Sailesh Rao, Ph.D.

Suffering is not an option and there is no excuse or tolerance for the murder of any sentient being.  All life wants to live without suffering and to impose death of any sentient being is immoral and causes the spiritual decay for humankind.  Eating animal flesh causes pandemic diseases, premature death, environmental disaster, and human suffering. Watch Higher Love: - The antidote to Suffering is to have Plant Powered Enlightenment:   Book Release date 9-19-2020